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Training Programmes for Employers

The Immigrant Council provides 6 different training programmes & workshops to workplaces in Ireland and cover numerous topics related to immigration and migrant rights, including anti-trafficking, and diversity & inclusion. The different programmes available are listed below.

The Open Doors Initiative and their partners offer several online courses for your employees to obtain skills in new areas or upskill in their current areas. Some platforms allow you to assign training, manage teams’ completion and also create courses yourself.

  • The Accenture Digital Skills courses platform contains an easy to use package of information and skills in the digital area
  • Solas eCollege is a leading learning platform delivering high quality, interactive online learning courses
  • Hays Thrive is an online training platform available completely free to all organisations to help build a more equal and inclusive workplace
  • Olive Group provides accredited, powerful and easy to use applications to train and develop within a rewarding and engaging experience

Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) provides online training sessions for employers. The workshops are designed to introduce issues of cultural awareness to those who work with colleagues and clients from different cultural backgrounds. Full details of the relevant costs can be found on the ICOS website.

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