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Cairde Network

Cairde - The Open Community Allies Network

Community Sponsorship was pioneered in Canada in the 1970s. After four decades of the programme’s success, we know that this is hugely positive for the lives of both refugees and local communities.

Refugees referred to the Community Sponsorship programme go directly to the community where they will reside and immediately begin the process of settlement. Under community sponsorship, private citizens and community organisations, rather than government officials, become the face of welcome for resettled refugees arriving to their country; supporting them through the process by providing a range of social and emotional supports, as well as providing accommodation, assisting in learning the language and seeking employment, enrolling in schools and any other necessary assistance.

With the Community Sponsorship programme in Ireland, communities will be supported to provide direct assistance to refugees settling in their locality through a structured programme backed by a unique collaboration between government, UNHCR, NGOs and civil society.

For more information, visit The Open Community or The Open Doors Initiative.

Swift Integration

Swift Integration, a partnership between The Open Community, Positive2Work Skillnet and the Department of Social Protection, aims to support those who have been granted refugee status, subsidiary protection status, or permission to remain in Ireland as they start a new chapter in their life.

They have developed an app which provides clear and concise information designed to empower newcomers to access information and supports that improve cultural integration and employment opportunities. Find out more and download the app.

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